Friday, January 01, 2016

Twenty Fifteen

Twenty fifteen. Terlalu banyak yang jadi sepanjang tahun ni dan terlalu banyak untuk dikongsikan. Kalau nak dikongsikan semua, tak cukup masa.

The obvious, I travel a lot this year. Travel, make and meet new friends. They said "you can always make money but you can't make memories". Couldn't agree more.

Made the biggest and hardest decisions of my life which don't fond some of the people around me. Truth does hurts. Deal with it or ignore it, your choice. Mine was deal with the hurts. Manisnya akan datang nanti nanti.

"If you can learn from the worst times of your life, you will be ready to go into the best times of your life."

Dear self, making mistakes does not mean you're a failure. It just means you're trying and learning in life.

Goodbye, twenty fifteen.

Hello, twenty sixteen. 

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